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March 4th, 2013

 The regular Town Board meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM with the pledge to the Flag and a moment of silence. 

 The regular Town Board meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM with the pledge to the flag and a moment of silence. 

 Present were: Supervisor Landi, Councilman Gaddy, Councilman Queipo, Councilman Polacco, Councilman Weiss, Town Clerk Haubrich, Town Assessor Jim Maloney, Code Enforcement Officer Bob Cologero and three residents.

 Town Clerk Haubrich read the February 2013 Town Board and Workshop meeting minutes.  Councilman Polacco made the motion to accept the meeting minutes and Councilman Weiss seconded the motion.  All were in favor.

 Supervisor Landi read the Supervisor’s report.

 Town Clerk Haubrich read the Town Clerk’s report.

 Councilman Queipo made the motion and Councilman Polacco seconded the motion to pay the following bills:  General – Claim #79 through #107 for $13,857.60 (0 transfers) and Highway – Claim #108 through #124 for $8,991.96 (0 transfers).

 Communications: None.

 Committee Reports: 

 Councilman Weiss:

 Councilman Weiss announced that the deadline for the upcoming Town newsletter is 04/01/2013. 

 He also shared that the 325th Anniversary committee is moving ahead with planning.  In May, we will know more about the scheduled events.  The Easter Egg Hunt will take place 03/23/2013 at 11AM.  The rain date it 03/30/2013 @ 11AM.

 Councilman Polacco:

 Councilman Polacco reported that there was a $35 dollar abstract done by Code Enforcement.  He also announced that the Town had received a check for demolition of the structure at 3 Melissa Rd.  Councilman Polacco and Supervisor Landi thanked Code Enforcement Officer Bob Cologero for his persistence in obtaining payment from Wells Fargo. 

 Councilman Polacco reported that everything was status quo regarding the Highway department.

 He also shared that his time spent in NYC at the Association of Towns Conference was very informative, particularly the workshops he attended that gave resources in terms of how to deal with emergencies.  He thanked the Board for the opportunity to attend the conference.

 Supervisor Landi thanked Councilman Polacco and Highway Superintendent Ed Moore for shadowing Alfie & Dean during plowing. 

Councilman Gaddy:

 Councilman Gaddy reported that there were two complaints regarding dogs.  There was a dog apparently running loose on Murray Rd. The dog belonged to someone who was working up there.  The Animal Control officer traveled 39.5 miles, and he collected $50.00 for an adoption fee.

 Councilman Gaddy also reported that there was a 2200 gallon diesel truck stolen from Jockey Hill Rd.  He also shared that some trucks are traveling up Jockey Hill at approx. 60 mph. 

 Councilman Queipo:

 Councilman Queipo received a complaint re: TW from one resident about reception problems.  Councilman Queipo passed the resident’s information on to our TW rep. and asked the rep. to confirm the work order and send a possible completion date. 

 No activity from Planning Board.

 Councilman Queipo updated the pictures of Town officials on our website.  He updated the laws page.  This will allow our Code Book to be updated at our leisure.

Website Stats for Feb.

Avg Daily Hits – 86

Avg Monthly Hits – 1467

A wireless router is being installed in the Town Hall 03/06/2013.  Cost is about $475.00

Councilman Queipo attended the Assoc of Towns convention in NYC.  As a result of the workshop sessions he attended, Councilman Queipo has a number of personnel issues that he will discuss with the Board at the Workshop meeting.

New Business:

Town Assessor Jim Maloney announced that the deadline for STAR applications is 03/01/2013.  He wanted to publicly thank the Town Secretary, Debbie Haubrich, for making calls to many of our Town residents to remind them to get their applications in on time.

 Supervisor Landi wanted to make sure to mention that the Daily Freeman made an error by including the Town in an article related to the use of Channel 23.  We were part of an old letterhead.

 R.J. Walton reported that everything was quiet for the Sawkill Fire Dept. this past month.

 Councilman Gaddy made a motion and Councilman Polacco seconded the motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:49 PM all were in favor.

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